First Time Here?

What to Expect

Welcome! It is our privilege to welcome you to worship God with us. If this is your first time to visit, you may be wondering what is expected from you. Don't worry - simple courtesy is all that you'll need. If you'd like to sing, to pray and to study with us, you are encouraged to do so. But when the collection plate is passed, nothing is expected from our guests. Children are welcomed here, even when they're a little noisy! Children are close to the heart of God. However, we do have an attended nursery and a "cry room" should you need them. The people sitting around you are very much like you. We have jobs, families, responsibilities, problems, and joys. We are here for most of the same reasons that you are: to seek peace, purpose, friendships, and salvation in Christ. Jesus Christ is the reason for all that we do. Our worship is patterned on the teachings and examples of the New Testament. We sing without instruments and take the Lord's Supper every Sunday, because that is what the first churches were taught to do. We are just Christians here. Although many think of churches of Christ as just another denomination among many, that is not what we are trying to be. In fact, churches of Christ have no regional or worldwide headquarters, no hierarchy above the local congregation, and no official teachings or creeds other than the Bible itself. "Church of Christ' is a New Testament name for God's people (Romans 16:16). When we use that name, we simply mean that this congregation belongs to Christ. Please allow us to help you find your way to a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  

bible classes

No matter what your age, you will find a Bible class to meet your needs.  We have classes available from birth through adulthood - all handicapped accessible. Our classes are Bible centered and focus on applying Christ's teachings to our everyday lives. 

  • Infants & Toddlers

    Newborn - 2 years  Every week our youngest kids learn about the 7 days of Creation and explore all of the wonderful things that God has made! 

  • preschool

    Preschoolers from 2 to 5 yrs. old will travel through the entire Bible each year through hands-on learning, song, role playing, Bible verse memorization and stories. 

  • Intermediate & Primary

    Kids from Kindergarten through sixth grade go in-depth into Bible learning through concentrated study in the Old and New Testaments as well as topical studies that are applicable to the lives of today's preteens.

  • Middle & high school

    Our youth in 7th - 12th grades are being equipped with the spiritual tools they need as they gain their independence and head out into the world.  

  • Young Adults

    Our Young Adults class is comprised of college students and young professionals. A wide range of life-applicable studies are covered while these young adults build Christ centered relationships. We have weekly in-home Bible study and lots of fellowship opportunities. 

  • Young families

    We are all trying to get our children to Heaven. Our new Home Improvement Class is aimed at younger families who are seeking guidance in improving their families on a spiritual level. The class is geared towards instruction, service work, discussion, and application of God's plan for the family. 

  • Deaf

    We offer a Bible class led by the deaf for the deaf. This class meets on Sunday mornings in the Counseling Room of our administrative wing.